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Big Announcement: Camp WiFi Revamp!

Yes, you heard it right! The rumors are true. Over the next couple months, I'll be transforming our campground WiFi from the digital Stone Age to the tech-savvy 21st century. Our mission: to provide lightning-fast, rock-solid wireless service that blankets as much of our campground as possible. Think of it as turning our little slice of nature into a tech-savvy haven.

A few weeks back, I began my epic quest, starting at the main office and working my way down the road to my camper at Site 35. With some of the new gear, I managed to test it out by streaming Netflix, browsing the web, and jamming to tunes – all without a hitch. Spoiler alert: it's looking pretty darn promising!

With my alpha testing complete, my next move was to get Big Beach up and running to further test range and speed. My testing showed an extremely strong and fast signal. If you are on/around Big Beach (visitors and guest take note!), please connect up to “Campers” and let me know how the internet works. Stream some Netflix, listen to some music, and browse a little TikTok.

(Not an actual photo of me installing equipment, but I feel like that when doing it)

Now, here's the kicker – I'm funding, executing, and supporting this project myself. So, it might take a bit of time, but I’m committed to completing it this season. In fact, as of this posting, most of the ordered gear has either arrived or it's in transit -- I'm guessing this project should be done by the end of July. Once the dust settles and the network is up and running, we’ll have a two-tier WiFi system. The free service will cover the basics – checking emails and light browsing. But if you want to stream your favorite shows or work remotely without hiccups, there will be an optional "premium" service for a small fee. Trust me, it’ll be way more appealing and budget-friendly than paying for Internet at your camper.

I’ll keep you all updated as the project progresses. Your feedback will be invaluable, so don’t hold back. Let’s make Camp WiFi Great Again – one gigabyte at a time!

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